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When design meets strategy to create brands and websites that wow and work for you instead of against you. Sounds good?

Crafting your unique story into a beautiful, intentional design

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Now the fun part! We work together to gain clarity on your goals and key messages.


Grab your wine and relax while I work my magic!

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real projects, real clients

Lara Maysa,

Haus of Light Photography

Holly Reid Toodle,

Financial Educator & Author

Danielle Wavrin,

Lux Essentials Digital Business Management

If this sounds like you,

then we’re a match!

You value your time and your peace of mind

You’d rather hire a professional than waste time and avoid headaches DIY-ing your brand and website.

You’re not looking for a cookie-cutter design

You want to celebrate you! You understand that personalized branding and a custom website create a more premium and authentic journey to attract your dream clients.

You’re looking for a problem solver, not just a pixel drawer

You want someone who can lead based on expertise and is open to constructive feedback. Someone who can help simplify and streamline what your thoughts.

You want that person to be as passionate as you are about your business

Someone who will also go the extra miles to achieve the goals.

You’re ready to invest

You have the funds and the time to collect the content for me to work with.

Meet your designer!

Hi, I’m Citra Ayu!

I’m a branding + web designer and a womanpreneur. My business is about your business. I want my clients to succeed by giving them the very best graphic and web design through my expertise.

Working with me is more than just throwing together graphics and colors; I crave finding the best solutions for your projects both visually and systematically, to grow your business so you can live your best life!

See more than words

I get it, it’s easier to get to know a person if you can see and listen to the person talk. So, I’ve made this video (with more to come!) about my design and development process.

If you’re looking for ordinary,
you’re in the wrong place.

I have a strong character and dare to be different. I love working with like-minded, badass women who are ready to invest in efficiency and growth, who know good design when they see one, and appreciate personal styles. A star was born and that’s your brand!

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from lovely people I’ve worked with

Citra was amazing. She was so professional and blew my expectations. Really superb quality and highly recommended!”

Jefro Tan

California (US)

“Phenomenal! My fillable workbook and checklists turned out *so* beautiful, way better than I ever imagined. Citra was very easy to work with and took direction very well. Also super easy to communicate with! Highly recommend!”

Meredith Louden

California (US)

Citra is professional and very talented. She delivers projects in a timely manner and they are of a high standard! Anyone who works with Citra will be thrilled with the results!”

Lauryn Summerley

Bayonne (France)

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Do you do branding as well as web design?

Absolutely! It’s actually really recommended to invest in the branding right away to reach the optimal brand experience. Both web design and branding can be purchased separately or in a package.

How many website projects do you take in your calendar?

As web design and development is a big project, I limit my slots to maximum only TWO web projects at the same time in order to give them my full attention and focus. Hence, the sooner you reach out the better!

Do I need to have my content ready before starting the project?

Ideally yes, at least you’ll have to have the images ready and at least 50% of the writings. For the copy, I can suggest the ideas to write for the sections of the pages in order to make the story flows. This occurs during the very beginning of the design process (before moving to the digital design process). We can only move forward once the content is ready. Delays in submitting the content will affect the timeline of the project completion. 

Is it going to be hard for me to do some edits later after handing off?

I wouldn’t use a platform that my end-user won’t be able to use independently in the end, because, what’s the point? With the drag-and-drop builder used to develop your website, you’ll easily be able to do minor edits/ updates to the interface. In the final delivery, I will make a video tutorial for you to be able to do it yourself.

How does payment work?

It’s a 3-installment plan. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot on our development calendar, then second payment (75%) should be received before moving to the development process and the full payment is due before your new website is transferred to you.