Accepting new projects for March 2023.

Hi, I’m Citra!

I am a designer and a design geek. I create beautiful and strategic WordPress websites, custom visual branding and cohesive brand collaterals. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, serving worldwide since 2017.

My role is to make things simple

Just like you…

I don’t like lingering on the same project for months

It’s not healthy, for your business and also mine. Not only that we’ll lose profit, but also we’ll lose the excitement if a project is dragged on for too long.

I am passionate with my work

I don’t want you to have just an okay website, I aim to give the best solutions for your business and your target market while also look damn good doing it.

I value my time

Time is cashflow.

That’s why I package my services based on a timeline and only take one project at a time

Three weeks are a sweet spot and achievable timeline needed to build a dream website, not too long and not too rushed! The packages are designed to save you time and money, without sacrificing quality. By giving you my undivided attention during the timeframe, it keeps me on my toes and ensures to deliver a top-notch website that’ll knock your socks off!

My toolbox

I work efficiently using these tools. Not only tools to produce my work, but also for project management and communication.

See more than words

I get it, it’s easier to get to know a person if you can see and listen to the person talk. So, I’ve made this video (with more to come!) about my design and development process.

Join the happy client club!

Watch the testimonial videos from lovely people I’ve worked with.

Lara Maysa

Haus of Light Photography

Danielle Wavrin

Lux Esstentials (OBM)

Holly Reid Toodle

The Master Playbook

If you’re looking for ordinary, you’re in the wrong place

I have a strong character and dare to be different. I love working with like-minded, badass women who are ready to invest in efficiency and growth, who know good design when they see one, and appreciate personal styles. A star was born and that’s your brand!

When I’m not designing…

I love life and living. Doing activities outside design makes me a better creative, kinder human and happier soul.

Ready to turn some heads?

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