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Do I still need a website or social media is enough?

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“You’re asking yourself, “Do I need a website if I’m on social media?” You might be thinking that you don’t need to have your own site because people can find your business through other channels like Instagram, Tiktok, or Facebook, and your follower number is thriving. You might be wondering if it’s worth the time and effort to make one, since you’re already on social media. The answer is: YES!

I’m saying this not because I’m a website designer, but because I am a business owner. There are some lessons I’ve learned the hard way and I will explain here why having a website is beneficial for your business.

1. Etsy shut down my etsy shop

This is my own horror story. I was a fashion designer before I was a website designer and I was selling my handmade bridal dresses on Etsy. I worked hard to get the first sale. Then after I built a couple of good reviews, I wanted to open another shop for my custom stationery business and Etsy marked it suspicious so it shut down my bridal shop and I lost all the history. Even though the store was re-opened by Etsy, I just already lost the spirit and I wish I had built my website before.

2. On social media, you don’t really own your content 

Social media can be shut down with just one complaint. I’m sure you’ve seen it happen: Someone posts a picture of their friend and then they go to post again, but this time Facebook tells them that the account has been shut down. If Instagram or Facebook has decided to delete your account, you’ll lose it for good. Meanwhile with a website, you run the authority of it and it will work for you, promoting your business 24/7.

3. You have the creative freedom designing your website

Web designing is a very personal art, because the web designer must be able to imagine what they want for the website (e.g., colors, layout) in order to make it come into existence on screen. Websites are unique forms of artistic expression that can accommodate any needs; from blogging about your favorite recipes with pictures all while conveying an overall theme through color schemes and font choices – there’s no limit!

4. Website acts as the ‘hub’ of your online business

A website is a business’s digital storefront where they can display all the information about their company that would otherwise be impossible to get from thumbing through catalogs or product descriptions. It also lets people have an interactive experience with what you do and makes it easier for them to make decisions on whether or not your goods/ services are right for them!

5. You can add additional features to your website

Social media is meant to function as a social platform mostly, so the features you can add to your page are limited. With websites, you can build a membership site, online course, e-commerce and many more. To make it simple, social media is one of your advertising platforms and websites can do both the advertisement and transaction. 

6. Having a website establishes your credibility

Having a website is a way to establish credibility and make your business look more professional.  The web has evolved into an essential tool for any successful company looking to establish their credentials as knowledgeable, experienced, and trustworthy in today’s competitive marketplaces. Not only does having a website set up ground rules that define who they are but it also helps them maintain control over how potential customers perceive them on-line.

7. Websites can create a better user experience than social media

Websites provide users with the opportunity to click on links and go through content at their own pace, while scrolling down a Facebook or Twitter feed can be time consuming as it requires constant breaks for refreshing feeds.

We have the control to make our websites run smoothly without any interruptions unlike, say, Facebook that keeps giving ads popping up anywhere every five minutes so that your potential customers don’t feel bombarded with ads.

If you haven’t invested in a website, DO IT ASAP so that you’re not missing out on more. Schedule a free consult call HERE.

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