Accepting new projects for June 2023.

Web Design

1. What platform do you use to build websites on and why?

Self-hosted WordPress 100%. As your website is a long-term investment, you’d want to build it on a powerful platform that has that capacity when you want to expand later. The potentials (in design and features) that you can do with WordPress is more than what other platforms can offer. Trust me, migrating or rebuilding an existing website to WordPress—just because the previous platform can’t serve what you need—will cost you much more money and time in the end. Plus, it saves you a lot of bucks in the annual subscription if compared to the other platforms. Therefore, I choose to specialize in WordPress, so that I can work more efficiently and offer the best solutions to my clients. And, the rumor that WordPress is hard for non-techies to maintain is not true, I’ll tell you more in the next question.

2. Is it going to be hard for me to do some edits later after handing off?

I wouldn’t use a platform that my end-user won’t be able to use independently in the end, because, what’s the point? With the drag-and-drop builder used to develop your website, you’ll easily be able to do minor edits/ updates to the interface. In the final delivery, I will make a video tutorial for you to be able to do it yourself.

3. Do you also build websites on other platforms like Wix, Squarespace, etc?

At the moment, WordPress is my only choice. I’ve tried most of the platforms and have my reasons why I decided to stick with WordPress instead. Besides, I’d rather specialize and work efficiently in something than be average or less in many different ponds.

4. If I already have a website, can you redesign it for less?

While it may seem like a smaller task to improve on an existing website, re-designs can often be more complicated than a new website design as we’re working your existing architecture, which may have significant back-end and front-end issues. For that reason, it needs to go through the same process and the investment will be subject to standard package rates.

5. Do I need to have my content ready before starting the project?

Ideally yes, at least you’ll have to have the images ready and at least 50% of the writings. For the copy, I can suggest the ideas to write for the sections of the pages in order to make the story flows. This occurs during the very beginning of the design process (before moving to the digital design process). We can only move forward once the content is ready. Delays in submitting the content will affect the timeline of the project completion. 

6. Will you write my content?

No, because copywriting is not my specialty and English is not my first language. But I do have networks of copywriters that I can recommend for you 🙂

7. Do I need to get a domain first?

No, we can help you to get a domain secured during the discovery phase, however this will come at an additional cost.

8. Will there be more expenses during the design and development?

Depends on the features and changes that may or may not happen in the process. Rates given doesn’t include if there’s any necessary branding/ design assets (e.g: stock photos, fonts, etc). I will always let you know if there are any other costs that come along the way in the project, costs are outlined in your electronic estimates and invoices.

9. How does payment work?

It’s a 3-installment plan. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot on our development calendar, then second payment (75%) should be received before moving to the development process and the full payment is due before your new website is transferred to you.

10. How many website projects do you take in your calendar?

As web design and development is a big project, I limit my slots to maximum only TWO web projects at the same time in order to give them my full attention and focus. Hence, the sooner you reach out the better!

11. Do you do branding as well as web design?

Absolutely! It’s actually really recommended to invest in the branding right away to reach the optimal brand experience.

Both web design and branding can be purchased separately or in a package.

12. Is it possible if I only hire you for crafting the user interface design and then develop the website with other provider/ developer?

Yes, of course, don’t worry we’re not married. LOL. I understand that in some cases, agencies or business owners might have their own go-to technical person, or maybe they already have their sites on other platforms and don’t want to convert to using WordPress. Just simply reach out to me and we can work things out to make a custom offer for you 🙂

Web Audit

1. Why do I need a website audit?

To get a perspective from a professional point of view about how to make your website better for you and your business, especially if you DIYed your website. It’s also a smaller step before jumping into a bigger commitment like web design and development.

2. Is it refundable?

As the audit is tailored and the nature of the business, it is not refundable

3. Can you apply the changes to the website?

I may or may not. Depends on the platform it’s built on, the complexity and scope, also the slot availability in my booking calendar. If I’m not the best solution for you to apply the changes, I will tell it to you and give the best recommendations to my knowledge how and who might be able to do that.

4. Why ask your advice?

Because I’m one of the people that study, experiment, observe and geek in the field of strategic design and development everyday because I enjoy it so that you don’t have to 🙂

Web Retainer

1. What web platform can you look after?

Currently WordPress is still my jam and platform of choice 🙂

2. Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, it’s contract free. All I need is 30 days notice and an email from you and we will cancel the plan before your next billing.

3. What if I need more support?

I got you! If you have a one off project for your website we can pop through a separate quote or if you just need more hours added to your care plan we can do that too.

4. If I didn't build a website with you can I still go on a plan?

My retainer package is carefully crafted to look after the WordPress websites I build, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me so I can evaluate your site and see if we are a good fit.

5. What types of content updates would be covered?

Content updates are updates to existing structure of the website. As an example; updating portfolios, adding new blogs, adding new images, text changes etc. For anything more substantial I can give you a separate quote.

Branding & Graphic Design

1. What do I need to have ready?

Before your project start date you will need to have your brief completed, your Pinterest board or inspiration and your business name. If this isn’t completed before the start date then we can’t begin the process.

2. What if I don’t like the logo concepts?

This sometimes can happen, even after the thorough discovery process as you may change your mind about what direction you want to go in. If you don’t like the concepts that are provided we can always do more at an extra charge. Or alternatively, if you don’t want to go any further we can terminate the project – work up until that point will need to be paid for.

3. Is my deposit refundable?

No. All deposits are nonrefundable as it is a way of reserving your time in our diary.

4. Does it include custom fonts and assets (e.g: stock photos?)

No, it doesn’t. We’ll always talk about those costs before they occur. So, you’ll always be in the loop. No surprises.


1. What happens if I am still not happy with design after my included revision rounds?

If for some reason you are still not happy after your project included revision rounds (which happens very rarely!), we will continue the revision process at my current hourly rate.

2. Do you do printing?

At the moment, my service is only limited to the design services.

3. Do you offer payment plans?

Payments are mostly broken into two installments and three for web design projects. We take a 50% deposit to book your job and the rest of the payment is due at the end of the job.

4. How do I pay you?

Payment are done via bank transfers (most preferred method) or PayPal.

I use a service called ‘Transferwise’ which acts as my bank account without having to open a conventional bank account for each currency. You don’t need to create a Transferwise account in order to transfer money to me, just a normal bank transfer from your end. Transferwise is the most commonly used for international payment for remote service providers like me.

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