Accepting new projects for March 2023.

I have good news!


As a planner enthusiast myself, I want to create a planner that meets my needs:

Planning Ahead

Helps me to plan my days, weeks, months and year.

Goal Setting

Helps me to elaborate my goals, define action steps and due dates.


Helps me to evaluate my days and be grateful for what happened and who I am.

Self-love exercise

Because I know the struggles and pains for not being in love with myself and not accepting who I am


The main reason is because I tend to forget to bring my journal often and it sometimes takes spaces in my bag (because my giant hand cant write in cute little notebooks!


I don’t like seeing scribbles in my notes every I make mistakes in writing. I don’t hate mistakes, I just can be a lil’ OCD sometimes!

So I created one!

The end result will be A FILLABLE YEAR-LONG e-planner which means it will be over 365 pages! Yes I know that sounds A LOT, and most templates you find online are mostly just a few pages to be printed in copies. I dont know about you, but I dont like it, I want to bring the concept of the traditional annual notebook (that has 365-daily planning pages) to the digital concept. You dont need to download or purchase any apps to use it, you just need your devices to type in and you can store it to cloud storage, so you can open and write in your journal anytime.

To make it more exciting, I will be making freebies prior to the launching to give you an idea how it will be when it’s already compiled in a book. And I’m also open to feedback what you think I should improve in the book in order to make it cater your needs.

The first freebies is ready for you to download!

What’s inside:


Fillable September Monthly Planner


Weekly Review


Two fillable Goal Setting Planners


Fillable weekly planners (4 weeks)


Monthly Review

You think this is too colorful for you??

Don’t worry, I’ve made a simpler one if the other one is too unicornish for you, because I love you! :*

Don’t worry, I’ve made a simpler one if the other one is too unicornish for you, because I love you! :*