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Reasons Why You Should Not Use CANVA for Making A Logo

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The first thing to know about designing your logo is that you shouldn’t be doing it on Canva. Here’s a list of why:

1. Your logo should be unique to your business

The design process for a logo is complex, and there are many factors to consider when creating an original design. When you use a tool like Canva, it’s difficult to get in touch with what your business really wants or needs because of how limited their options are. 

A lot of people make their logos on Canva because it’s free and easy to use, but you can’t trademark a logo made with this program. As you’re not the one who owns it, it’s for public use and you can trademark it. You need to find an experienced graphic designer to ensure that you have a unique design and are able to protect your intellectual property.

3. You should have your logo in vector files

Canva can be a quick temporary solution for some things but not for logo design because a proper logo needs to be made in a proper design tool. With Canva, it does not allow the user to export their design as a vector-based image. This results in low quality work that will present poorly on any screen size, shape or orientation and won’t be easily editable later if needed.

4. Canva logos lack professionalism

It’s easy to tell if a logo is DIYed and unprofessionally made on Canva. As a buyer, if I see a business (especially if you’re a coach or professional trainer), I would not buy from that person because the business owner doesn’t even invest in his/ her business. Unprofessional logos give the impression that other aspects of the business are also not well-thought.


Canva can be a quick solution when it comes to creating regular social media graphics (if you already have branding guidelines and assets) but definitely should never be for creating a logo and other visual branding assets. Your business deserves better than a cookie-cutter logo! 

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