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Things To Do Before Building A Website

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Building your website is a big undertaking. You don’t want to create a site that doesn’t work for you, and it will be hard to edit later on if you run into problems. You have to make sure you spend the time to get it right. In order to do so, there are a few things you need to take care of before you start designing or building your website. 

1. Know your website’s purpose

A site that does not serve the right function and has no distinct voice will be doomed from the start, so make sure you really do some research first! Knowing your website’s purpose is essential to building a successful site. There are so many different types of websites nowadays, and it can be difficult for newcomers just starting out in web design to know which ones will suit their needs best. 

2. Ensure mobile-responsive design

It is crucial to ensure your website will provide an optimal user experience on mobile devices, or else you could run the risk of losing a large percentage of potential customers. Hence, when choosing a platform, you need to make sure that the platform, theme as well as theme builder are already developed to support mobile responsive design.

3. Check your domain name

If you’re looking to build a website, make sure your domain name is available first! Also, be sure to check for legal issues with domain names. Ensure that the URL is available and not trademarked or copyrighted by someone else before going through all of this trouble!

4. Do your branding homework

This includes: deciding on a name and domain, developing an overall design concept or style guide for how the site will look (including colors, typography treatments, layout grids), figuring out who our target audience are and what content we want them to consume in order to be satisfied with their experience of using our site.

5. Prepare your content

If you want to save time in the future, invest some of it now by researching and planning your content. Gathering all of your ideas before getting started on a website will help ensure that each piece is organized for easy access later down the line. Especially when you hire a someone to design and build your site, you’ll want your copy and images all ready for the web designer so that the project is not delayed and they can get started on building the site.

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