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When Is The Time for A New Website?

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75% of consumers cited a website’s design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business. 57% of website users won’t recommend a business based on their customer’s experience with the business’ website.

Your brand/ business is like your baby, and you will not want the supporting aspects of your baby’s growth to not be inline with its growth. Your business website, for example, is one of them. 

Website is not a one-time-done-and-neglect thing. Because again, just like humans, you will not dress your 4 y.o kid with its newborn clothes anymore. But how often do you need a redesign? The answer will slightly vary for everyone. I’ve compiled a list of signs when you should start to consider giving your business a website revamp!

1. Your website is not mobile responsive

Technology always changes and human behavior adapts to the changes. Nowadays, 70% of website traffic is generated through a mobile device which makes having a mobile responsive website very important. Many businesses that have been established for a long time often still have their websites relying on the old technology because they were built before modern platforms like WordPress were not around yet. If your website is hard to navigate on mobile, you’ll lose customers easily and it’s definitely time for a new website!

2. Your brand’s messages have changed from the first time you started it

It’s normal for a business to make changes; both major or minor. Maybe your rate changed, maybe you’ve found your niche, maybe you did a rebranding, etc. You want to make sure that your website is aligned with your business’ current goals messaging. Otherwise you’re going to confuse your customers.

3. The last time you updated it was ages ago

The lifespan of a website is about two years, it may differ depending on the industry, some industries are faster than others. Not only that technology changes, but also generally a business experiences many changes in two years.

 4. You don’t have a content management system

A Content Management System allows you to easily edit your website from a central interface so that you don’t need to hire a website developer everytime you want to do small edits on your website. A CMS allows you to organize your content without excess hassle, especially to update content that tends to change often or be updated regularly, for example: campaigns, blog posts, special offers, photos, etc.

5. You’re embarrassed to give out your URL

You created a store, but you don’t want it to be found just because you’re embarrassed of it! Imagine the effort and time that you save when you don’t need to create excuses why your website is this-or-that.

6. Your competitors have adapted to change

It’s not always wise if you change your business movement following your competitor’s changes. But if some competitors have made changes, then you might need to consider why. 

7. You DIYed your website without professional experience and knowledge

You DIYed your website, you’re proud of it, but do you have the trained eyes and knowledge of what makes a good design and website? There are a lot of things to consider in designing and developing a website. It’s not only about choosing your favorite color and putting your photos here and there. Professionals like me spend their time, energy and money to dig deep into the details so that we can give the best user experience for your target market. 

8. Your website is still using a template 

Many DIYers started with using a template in order to keep their budget low. Templates can be a solution at that time, but once your business is growing, you start to realize that your templates don’t make your business stand out. A quality custom website design may result in more engagement with your target audience, increased profits and the ability to reach more ideal clients as well as working responsively on mobile.

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